Technical Writing
Copy & Content Writing
Installation & Instructional Manuals
Logo Design,  &  branding  
Cnc  laser nesting  &  engineernig cad work
Technical Writing
Having successfully created and or improved numerous product Installation Instructions, Manuals and other Technical Documentation with the ability to manage multiple projects successfully while holding to my customers specs, needs and budgets required, I have also had the ability to follow a project from its initial conceptual ideas, to drawings and rough draft reviews, to planning the printing or publication of the projects within the Technical Writing and Marketing realm.

When working with Military or other manufacturing projects, I have successfully improved the efficient utilization of material use through manufacturing and nesting techniques, reducing costs and improving throughput of the production schedule including all supporting documentation required for each phase of development to the finished project. I have regularly dealt directly with customers regarding issues and resolutions as well as working with Subject Matter Experts to gain all information needed to successfully complete each project. Thus

And as far as Instructional or installation Instructions go,  My Motto is: "I create them so Grandma can even do it!"

The After Version - Instructions after I Revised, Condensed  and Updated.

One of many models Installation Instructions created complete for Rotary Lift.  All Illustrations hand drawn in Illustrator, and Published in PageMaker.
I also printed these manuals from my printing business at the time as well.   
(Parts Breakdown BOM)

GROTE MFG.  Madison, IN.    They make Automotive Light Assemblies and other parts for Jeep and other Brands. This is a simple one for Snow Plow Lights that I created for them.
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Military documentation  & reference  drawings
Click HERE to View Actual PDF Page Files.  (note: most of this document could not be shown for obvious reasons, so only a few pages are being used to show the type of document I worked on.
From Scrambled Words and Endless Ideas, To a Symphony of Well Orchestrated Copywriting Destined to give you results!
When you need to rise above the rest and shine a little brighter than your competition, take a Creative twist to the mat! Having proven the ideas and concepts of my work in the real life Marketplace, I'm confident we could build an arsenal of Copy or Marketing materials mixed with a little attitude, to go for the knockout.

From "Attention Getting" email planning, to sales converting Advertising AD copy, to informational excerpts that best describe your product, your processes, or the Astonishing Services that you provide your customers with on a daily, the right combination of words that resonates best between you and all of your potential customers is waiting to be uncovered and reborn!

So venture on my friend and check out a few items below that I created, or have worked on to give you a little taste of MY flavor of Confidence especially blended for you AND your customers.  Bon Apetite' !

"With the 30+ years of Technical Writing, Graphic Design, CAD Drawing, Owning a Printing and Graphic Design business (retail), working with numerous companies and individuals helping them get more results with better quality and an impressive image.  

I have the knowledge and experience on both sides of the fence, from the Engineering Technical to the Artistic Creative and can merge the two together into a synergy that can work for you and your purpose.

So thank you for taking the time to check out my site and viewing some samples of my work.
Now all you have to do, is just fill out your info below and send it, and I'll contact you for a quick consultation so we can get to know each other and find out how we both end up a Win Win!"

Todd Brindel
(I also created this
Website as well)
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Website Copy & Design
This is more of Wordpress style website sales copy that I put together for eBook products, creating all of the graphic images, layout, linked images and Shopping cart setup for purchasing these products.

And a couple screen shots of some other interesting pages.....
Marketing & Graphic Design

These are Audio Interface TM Guitar cables I invented with a woven fabric covering on the cable, AND with a permanent Velcro cable tie attached to the cable (also a first) way back in 1989. Packaging, name, header card artwork and layout were all my design, which I create in Adobe Illustrator.
This is a 12AX7A Tube Distortion Preamp for guitar that I designed called the  "DRB-1 Dr.Blade Sustortion Converter". I provided all the electronics, PCB design, packaging and layout artwork for manufacturing, along with a two week trip to Taiwan to oversee the startup production of these units to sell. The Taiwanese didn't work with much space, but boy did they have an excellent quality checking and assembly line system in place.  (As long as you show them what to do first. Lol!)
This was a working proto-type rackmount version of the above DRB-1 foot pedal distortion.  I also designed the electronics in this unit, the artwork for the silkscreening of the front control panel, and also did the actual silkscreening on this one as well.  (this sounds awesome too!  Just sayin'... :)
Well, these examples should give you some kind of an idea as to the different types of Technical Writing, Copywriting and Marketing projects that I've done, as well as my personal experience in the Engineering and Manufacturing world. 

So, don't forget, I have the knowledge and experience on both sides of the fence, from the Engineering Technical to the Artistic Creative and can merge the two together into a synergy that can work for you and your purpose.
"Let's Work Together!"
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The Before Version - Instructions they gave me to update.
Installation Instructions
~ Here's some (not so greatly scanned) samples of my work for you to view and to spark some questions ~
But I have supplied links for you ("Click Here Links") to view the actual PDF documents (much clearer)
This is a quick reference instruction to show someone how to use the LaserNest Software to program a CNC Laser to cut sheet metal parts.
operational Instructions
Having been a Project Manager for Armor Metal, fabricating shipping and storage containers and other Military products, I dealt with all aspects of the jobs from the Contracts to Reviews, Technical writing of the documentation as shown, as well as CAD drawings and 3D Modeling of project items also as shown. So my life experience with the Military world of manufacturing helps me greatly as I know and understand each process of development, and what is to be understood and correctly conveyed to those reading it.  I also have had Security Clearance for going into Government protected areas such as GE in Evendale, OH. So it should be no problem retaining Clearance again should a project require that.
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